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Pampaloni is an Italian brand of silverware based in Florence with a more than 100 years of history. Two brothers Gianfranco and Francesco Pampaloni continue the family business. Their grandfather started producing silver in 1902. Italian history and personal character of each Pampaloni generation made a difference: today they are considered to be one of the most exclusive, attractive and original silversmiths. One of the most pleasant thing for us is that Pampaloni started producing bags as well. Originality and Italian craftsmanship are the core for the brand that dedicates its creations to people who know the true value of details and the quality of Made in Italy from the hands of Italian artisans. The bags by Pampaloni handmade in Tuscany represent perfectly the character of “silver Maison” – elegant and sophisticated in shapes, each model is particularly embellished and decorated with recognizable silversmith details and symbols like arrow, fork, chain or chandelier. We are absolutely in love with the collection of Pampaloni bags – so different and so original that takes the breath away.

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