Simona Corsellini, young and beautiful designer with many years of experience in fashion decided to launch a new line of clothing and accessories for women in 2014. Inherited from her family Simona transmits fashion experience into her creations. The designer was immediately noticed and beloved not only by the fashion world but also the customers around the globe.

Simona’s passion is to mix the feminine charm with cultural inspirations of every type, that makes the wardrobe very unique, remarkable and with high style content. Her woman is aware of her beauty and elegance, she is easily identified, as well as her collection – bright, fresh, deliberately strong and decisive, almost ironic but remarkably modern.

We love all the styles from the collection. Wearing Simona Corsellini means being elegant and chic, yet blazing and unforgettable. Enjoy being part of 100% Made in Italy story with a great sense of Style.

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